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What Customers Think

Here is what our customers our saying about using the SteamBlade to remove window tint and vinyl wrap.

  • “Jiffy Steamer is the designated supplier for Tint World® window film steam removal products. Tint World® is America’s largest and fastest growing window tinting and automotive styling center franchise that has been installing and removing window film since 1982, so take it from the pros, if you want the best Steamer; then you must get a SteamBlade by Jiffy Steamer.” http://www.tintworld.com/locations/fl/weston-008/

    Charles J. Bonfiglio
  • “The Jiffy Steamer SteamBlade is the greatest invention since window film itself. I personally use the Model J-2000W for quick jobs such as removing film on door windows when time is an issue as it is ready to use in less than 2 minutes. We use the J-4000W for rear windows, especially with defrosters. This unit removes film easily, leaving no glue on windows. Both products are very durable as I have used both for over 10 years. The Jiffy Steamer SteamBlade is a must for any tint shop.” http://www.precisiontintjacksontn.com/

    Anthony Dysart
  • “Yesterday we did a film job, and we had a chance to use the new steamer.  Usually we will lose a job because of the old tint, but we shot them a good price, because of the steamer.  It took us half the time it would normally take us.  This product is great.  The film comes off like butter.”

    Ken Mayo
  • “The steamer works great removing old purple discolored film. You can peel a corner area and apply the steam as you pull the film and the glue just comes right off with the old film. This can save tint shops a lot of time and increase productivity. The steamer is best for removing film on rear windows of vehicles. By steaming the windows there is no chance of defrost damage. The hot steam breaks the adhesive down really well. I love it. I don’t know how I made it all these years without one. Thanks for turning me on to it. It’s a great tool for window film installers.”

    Chris Brown
  • “If you are tinting windows, the STEAMBLADE is the only tool to have for removing old tint.”

    Chris Sowder
  • “No shop should be without a STEAMBLADE.” http://www.protintoflouisville.com/

    Gene Whitmer